Blooming lavender in Santa Luce

When and where to see the flowering of lavender between Santa Luce and Orciano Pisano in the province of Pisa

15 June 2022 / News

In Santa Luce some wheat fields have been converted to the cultivation of lavender and other aromatic plants with biological and biodynamic methods.

The best time to admire the flowering of lavender in Santa Luce in the province of Pisa is the end of June because then the harvest begins at the end of July. But the flowering period of the lavender fields can vary from June to August, from area to area, and also according to the altitude as well as the climate.

The place of flowering is the Provincial Road of the Hills which connects Orciano Pisano to Santa Luce . The landscape of Orciano Pisano, the smallest town in the province of Pisa, is among the most photographed in Tuscany. The sweetness and colors of these hills have favored the spread of slow tourism, in a natural context made of walking, cycling or horseback riding.

Lavender fields have turned this area into a must-see for travelers. Farms and producers welcome visitors by telling and showing the phases of the work, from harvesting to steam distillation, up to obtaining essential oils with beneficial properties. The lavender experience is completed with a photo tour, an e-bike ride, a relaxing massage with Tibetan bells or simply watching the sunset in the fields.

Lavender fields

Campi di lavanda

Strada provinciale delle colline
56040 Santa Luce (PI) - [Italy]