Parking spaces in Pisa


  • Parking exchanger Via Brenner (Via Paparelli)
    Located in the northern entrance of their city.
    E 'as close to the historical center about a mile from the Piazza del Duomo.
    It has 750 parking spaces, but is not allowed to stop for buses.
    It is equipped with a cockpit exhaust self, with fountain, chemical toilets for campers and caravans, points of water supply, sanitation.

    It is an active shuttle bus service ( "Line E ") For the center.

    IMPORTANT: You can not use the parking during the days of Wednesday and Saturday from 7.00 to 16.00 as the home goods market.
  • Parking exchanger Via di Pratale
    A few hundred meters from the parking lot of Via Brenner, is also situated in the north.
    It has a well exhaust self, with fountain, chemical toilets for campers and caravans.
    E 'posibile get there from Route of Pratale.

    Being active service bus ( "Line 7 ").
  • Parking exchanger Via Pietrasantina
    E 'located in the north - west of the city, not far from Piazza del Duomo.
    It has 700 places for cars and 90 tour buses.
    The parking is equipped with petrol and equipped with exhaust self wells, with fountain, for chemical toilets for campers, caravan and / or bus, points water supply, public toilets and it is a service center with resale of tobacco products, gadgets, bar and restaurant.

    Parking is managed by the company Pisamo , Limited-liability company that manages the mobility of Pisa.

    Parking is free for cars, but not for campers and buses.

    Daily rates for campers: € 15.00

    Daily rates for buses:
    € 40.00 for buses with a length of up to 8.5 meters
    € 60.00 for buses over a length of 8.5 meters


E 'Can I pay for the parking according to different methods of payment:

  • Straight to parcometro using coins € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.20, € 0.50, € 1.00, € 2.00;
  • Through the following prepaid (bought from the resale of tobacco or other shops FIT, at the door to the public by way of Pisamo Battisti 55 and the ticket office of 2P S. Antonio in Pisa.)

    - Scratch stop from € 1.00;
    - Scratch stop daily from € 4.00 usable only in areas A1 rate by 0.50 Euro / h
    - Scratch stop daily from € 2.50 usable only in zones B1 and B2;
    - Electronic Card to climb from € 50.00;
    - With the Monthly subscriptions (purchased at the door to the public and the Pisamo Ticket 2P).

  • With its GSM mobile phone system through M-Pay Park;

    M-Pay to Park Vodafone (allows you to pay the rest through the mobile phone) is a convenient, fast and very easy to implement.

    Here's how it works:
    /> Before you need to have a kit, distributed at the offices in Via Battisti Pisamo No 53/71, which includes a card with a personal code that will be displayed on the dashboard.
    This card will be linked to their mobile phone number so that the system can verify that the amount released is correct than that of the rest selected and that there is enough credit on the virtual electronic purse Linked to the number of the caller to pay the rest.

    The amounts are escalated by the card (electronic purse) and not by credit phone.

    Every parking area has its own code and its own tariff. These data are information boards in each area stops (usually placed near the parcometro) and should be reported with a call or a text message to trigger the start of charging.

    E 'can extend the pause or stop at any time to suit you through a simple phone call or a text message.

    To check the regularity of payment, vigilant and ancillary stop consult the operations center sending personal code of the card.