Fashion Yachts Pisa

The project stems from the management of a group of friends who have wanted them to: be decisive in buying or selling of boats of our customers, contributing to the performance of the processes of communication and negotiation with the value of our methods and our people.

This service is conducted on the basis of a true relationship of partnership with the owner, using the professionalism of specialist magazines, shipyards, technical experts, financial services.

Fashion Yachts is the interlocutor for all fans of motor yachts and sailing, who want to buy the boat most suitable and appropriate to the needs of the individual, that thanks to this service can also take advantage of the sale.

Fashion Yachts select boats that you think are the best of World production with a specific target on "Luxury Yachts", to provide a quality service for sellers and those who followed acquista.Il score sigola in every phase of treatment.


Via della Darsena, 56121 Pisa (Pi)

Tel. 050/29026