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Holidays in Pisa, Your Guide to Pisa and its Province

Help Pisa is the gateway city of Pisa for those who live, for those who invest and for tourists who want to visit on holiday.

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History, Culture and Economics of Pisa

The Square of Miracles in Pisa The History of Pisa , Culture and Economics Introduction, The Territory, statistical data, the ' Economy of the Province of Pisa La Piazza dei Miracoli, Events and Cultural Associations, the province of Pisa

The Lungarni Pisani

Pisa Lungarno Open roads that meet most of the oldest buildings and mansions of the city of Pisa and the Arno river, which consists, in the highest part of the banks' Arno, walls of brick and stone, known as the "shoulders", part Pisa and nightlife venue for many young people.

The high surface area occupied by the Arno as the historical center of Pisa so aristocratic and distinguished especially when the sunset, the lights arranged along the parapet, are reflected with pride, beauty in the river, creating a magical atmosphere of romance and tranquility desired. The magic of these pathways coils has captivated many Italian and European writers, from the nineteenth century, who praised the beautiful scenery in their writings that give Lungarni grateful to those who arouses their interest.

Visit Arno Pisa!

Hospitality and Relaxation

It begins with information on Getting to Pisa , How to get around the city , Pisa ... to visit! , city tours , visits organized , Hotel Pisa , Hotels and B & B reported . Onwards to the coast Pisa , Spas and Monti Pisani .

Shopping and Dining

This section begins with Fairs & Shopping , supermarkets and shopping centers , The market in Pisa . But also information on Cooking Pisan , Recipes , Restaurants and Pizzerias , Bar, Pastries, Ice Cream and Yogurterie , Eateries in the country of Calci , Beauty centers .

Labor and services online

The section of the work and services online begins with Job Search and Pisa Province , Road to Pisa , Pisa Parking , WebCam in Pisa , Pisa Weather , Zip code search, maps, addresses , Internet Point , Builders in Pisa , Companies Reported , Estate and Facilities , Libraries of Pisa , Pharmacy , Services offered by ACI Pisa

The 'University of Pisa

We provide information on the Faculty of the University of Pisa, Departments, guidance and mentoring, educational provision, services and opportunities, Regional Association for the Right to Education.

News, TV, Radio, Newspapers

Besides local and regional TV and Radio newspapers, newspapers online the word ' newspaper online .