retone a marina di pisa

Licenses Nautiche in Pisa

For those who want to take the ship, Pisa offers numerous possibilities: the ship is not just a piece of paper, this is especially maritime culture and security, thanks to regulatory rules on navigation and respect for the sea.

Nautical licenses can be taken at any of the driving authorized the issuance of the license at Pisa. Or are there schools to monitor the courses for the license online and take the exam.

License online

Driving license for release in Pisa

Driving ARNO - Driving DUOMO
Via Fiorentina, 421 Pisa (PI)
Phone: 050 983 318 / 050 524 071 / 338 799 1300
Fax: 050 983 318


  • certificates of professional cap
  • conversion of military licenses
  • exercises to your computer
  • nautical
  • testing cars
  • duplicates of license
  • passages property '
  • conversion of foreign driving licenses
  • personalized exercise
  • automobile circulation

Driving PRA.DE.MAR
Via Firenze, 128 Livorno (LI)
Phone: 0586 426882 / 338 972 7752
Fax: 0586 4268 82

Piazza Garibaldi, 6/7/8 - Pontedera (PI)
Phone: 0587 532 90

Via Romboli, 15 - Castelfranco di Sotto (PI)
Phone: 0571 489 980

Courses in navigation for pleasure craft

The headquarters of the League of Pisa Navale Italiana, organizes courses navigation for pleasure craft: sailing courses for adults, courses, mini-course racing and cruising.

Ultriori For information please call 339 235 1076

Adult Sailing Courses
Initiation of a course for beginners: 6 lessons at sea. After pupils should know to bring the boat in autonomy.

Discusses the use of spirit and technical training to conduct a precise boat maintaining routes points.

Other courses

  • Mini-cruise
  • Course Racing