arsenali medicei

Events and shows the tradition in Pisa

  • Luminara di San Ranieri (June 16)
    To celebrate the patronal feast of June 17 each year on the evening of June 16, approximately 70,000 lights draw the architectural forms of buildings, churches, bridges and towers of lungarni giving an impressive performance. Photos of the Luminara di San Ranieri .
    At the end of the evening, around midnight, fireworks offer a magical atmosphere of living together with relatives and friends.
    The celebrations in honor of the patron continues the next day in the waters where it is celebrated dell'Arno Regata di San Ranieri.
  • Palio di San Ranieri (June 17)
    Four boats, which are inspired by the Medici of frigates of the Knights of Order Santo Stefano, the respective historical neighborhoods (Santa Maria, San Francesco, Sant'Antonio and San Martino, whose boats are called the celestial, the yellow, red and green) will challenge for the conquest of the Palio di San Ranieri . I have to be fitted on a climb to reach the top prize at the top of the spar mounted on a barge in the middle of a river. The latest win was a pair of ducks.
  • Gioco del Ponte (last Sunday in June)
    Gioco del Ponte È una delle manifestazioni più attese dai pisani che vede in competizione due fazioni che prendono il nome dalla divisione della città in due parti dovuta all’ attraversamento del fiume Arno:
    Tramontana (nord dell'Arno) e Mezzogiorno (sud dell'Arno).
    Con l'occasione si svolgono anche regate, concerti e manifestazioni artistiche, per quasi tutto il mese di giugno (giugno pisano) Pisa si veste a festa, con addobbi luminosi che decorano decorate the city streets, musicians, street artists and lots of fun.
    The two sides speak their districts to give rise to a spectacular tour de force that takes place on the Ponte di Mezzo: the two teams of men for the 50/60, with the physical strength of the participants, pushing on one side and the 'other a heavy cart, mounted on a track, toward the opponent to win the victory remained masters of the bridge.
    Tramontana Districts: Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Michele, MATTACCINO, Satyrs, Calci.

    Southern Districts: San Antonio, San Martino, San Marco, Lions, Dragons, Dolphins.

    The clash between the two factions was preceded by the characteristic Historic held on Lungarni, a sort of military parade with costumes that reproduce the style of Spanish 500.
    During the procession, formed 709 shown by the troops of Tramontana and south parade simultaneously but in separate parades: 314 listed for the move clockwise on the four contiguous lungarni the Ponte di Mezzo.
    photo album of the bridge game

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