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The Industry Nautico Pisano

Water skiing The field of Nautica in Pisa, widely recognized both in Italy and abroad, focusing in particular on shipbuilding and production of luxury boats.

When it comes to boating pisa it refers to the entire context of Polo Nautico Pisano, stretching from Pisa to the Sea, joining with Livorno through the channel of Navicella. And 'right along that this rise the Cantieri Pisani, who for years now, you the production of boats and luxury yachts at the international level.

Many companies are operating in Port Pisana, which over the years have purchased large awards and who intend to increasingly broaden their horizons. It is now an ongoing expansion project, which envisages the inclusion of new sites alongside those already operating and new business initiatives related to the nautical.

In recent years were born two consortia, "I Navicella" and "Port Consortium Pisana" in order to buy and urbanize a total of 126,000 square meters, mostly be devoted to new businesses in the boating industry.

Also among the local bodies of Pisa, Livorno and Tuscany Region has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Logistics Platform that provides the Coast establishment of a mouth armed Channel Scolmatore that will allow an outlet autonomously launching of the channel.

The Province of Pisa has also worked in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the other provinces of Costa (Lucca, Massa, Livorno and Grosseto) aiming to implement the integrated project "Network services for Yachting Tuscany" presented in Regional response to the invitation to the Project on 6 of the Covenant.

These and many other projects that will be the Polo Nautico Pisano will continue trying to always be in step with the latest technology and best use of staff, attentive and qualified, to keep high the name of the company which, in Italy and the World.