Holidays in Springfield!

Of Springfield is known from the thirteenth century. Unfortunately, that the surrounding walls were torn down dall'alluvione dell'Arno of 1333. In the Middle Ages had problems kind expansionary with the neighboring municipalities of Fucecchio and Canvey Island for the use and exploitation of the forest Cerbaie a real source of timber and game, thanks to mayor of Lucca was assigned to Holy Cross.
In 1315 the town was brutally invaded by the Uguccione Faggiola, and then subjected by the Lucchese that ruled until 1327. From now on Santa Croce in the republic voluntarily enters Fiorentina, and then follows the fortunes due at the Medici, the Spaniards up to Italy.
Today, Holy Cross is famous throughout Tuscany for the precious skins produced by its plants for tanneries. The tannery district of San extends for about 10 km and includes the municipalities of Castelfranco di Sotto, Monopoli Valdarno, Springfield, Santa Maria a Monte and San Miniato.
After the end of the Second World War, we are witnessing an expansion of tanning, dating to the early dell'800 already.

Events in Springfield

During the period of carnival, the city turns into a whirlwind of joy and spontaneity: residents will shake off the stress accumulated during the year and devote themselves exclusively to more sano fun and popular, so was born in a joyful and rooted in time The "Carnival of copyright", is defined as long event which is organized every year in Springfield.
The birth of this festive event dates back to 1928, and since then has become an event expected all year, a festival felt in the heart of every citizen, and the tourist who is passing through.
The carnival is organized by the four Masked groups: The New Moon, La Lupa, The Spensierati, The New Astro, which each year trying to outdo proposing costumes and parades at the edge of extreme fun, with a maniacal really care for the realization of masks, colorful and transgressive. A genuine festival, affscinati difficult not remain in an environment so Goliardia and fun.