Marina di Pisa Boccadarno

Holidays in Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia

Marina di Pisa, a small but charming seaside resort of coastline Pisan sort at the end of 1800, is now at the mouth of the river Arno. Marina di Pisa has a beautiful seafront where we are, from the side of the sea, the artificial reefs where people go to sunbathe and on the other hand, shops, housing and tourist facilities. The beach is surrounded by many small bays and sandy protected by a reef located in the sea at a distance of twenty meters that serve to protect its seafront and the town by storm surges. Behind the beach and the homes, located parallel to the waterfront, is the pine forest where tourists can relax in the shade of a pine tree and enjoy a po 'di relax.

A Navy are four main squares and are located near the waterfront: Piazza Viviani, Balearic Piazza, Piazza Piazza Gorgonia and Sardinia. With the beautiful days by Marina you can see Corsica and the Isles of Capraia , Elba and Gorgona . A Navy are bars, cinema, pubs and discos to spend evenings in a pleasant and enjoyable.

In a few years Marina will also harbor since they designed the port at the mouth of the river. Typical to see is "Bocca d'Arno", which is none other than the mouth of the River Arno and the characteristic "Reton" (hanging scales fishing) along the River Arno from Pisa to the sea. By Bocca d'Arno can be achieved, not all year, the Cinque Terre, the Island of Elba Capraia el'Isola.

Holidays in Tirrenia

Tirrenia, a charming and quiet seaside resort in the province of Pisa, wet from the Tyrrhenian Sea, lies along a coastal strip surrounded by nature. Tirrenia is located directly on the sea 18 km from Pisa and 13 km from Livorno .

Over the years Tirrenia endorsed the characteristics of these two cities that are so close but have customs and traditions very different. Tirrenia is very busy in summer as a seaside resort and offers equipped beaches where you can practice all water sports and has many sports facilities immersed in the green where you can practice sports like beach volleyball, tennis, horse riding and golf that is feasible on the Golf Course to 18 holes at the Cosmopolitan C. Club at the Golf Club Tirrenia.

You can also do relaxing walks on foot, by bicycle or on horseback in green Mediterranean pine forest. Many are also the entertainment that night Tirrenia offer: pubs, amusement park, discotheques and during the summer, markets and shops open in the evening. On Tirrenia there is a wide range of excursions to do: Marina di Pisa and "Bocca d'Arno" which is the mouth of the river Arno, the Park Regional Migliarino - San Rossore - Massaciuccoli, Pisa, Livorno , Lucca, Florence , Volterra, Versilia .

Tirrenia is the ideal holiday for everyone: young people who want to have fun and go to sea, families with small children and the elderly.