spaghetti allo scoglio

The typical Tuscan and Pisan

The cuisine of Pisa and the Tuscan, genuine and tasty, with simple tastes of ancient origin prepared with skill wise.

The use of food is linked to poor living condition of the difficult past of misery and poverty.
The prince is certainly food for bread, the lack of salt, because it was once too expensive.

Bread is the staple food of many Tuscan recipes such as: the panzanella, a flat spin poor peasant, very simple, that does not require cooking and that was consumed by those in the camps, to work, remained outside the home all day and ribollita, where the main ingredients are vegetables cooked, usually made by the previous days, which are made all boil together with the addition of bread stale.

Other preparations are typical:

  • soup Pisan
  • the pallet to Pisa
  • the pappardelle with rabbit
  • stockfish the Pisan
  • the cake co 'Bischeri: a cake made with short pastry and a filling of chocolate, candied fruits and pine nuts. Bischeri I have that small "humps" Post a circular decoration on the crown of short pastry.
  • The Cenci: sweets are fried, sprinkled with icing sugar, crispy consistency. Are typical of the carnival period.

Some typical products of the province are:

  • I cantuccini
  • Mushrooms local
  • The brown
  • I Balze of Volterrana pecorino cheese
  • I ricciarelli Pomarance
  • The cured boar
  • The local wines
  • L 'ammazzafegato toscano
  • L 'olive oil
  • The grape Colombana Peccioli
  • The cecina
  • The cherry of Lari
  • The typical sweet Nozza Calcinaia
  • Bacon rolled
  • Royal jelly
  • The potato of Santa Maria a Monte
  • The sheep's ricotta
  • The blackberry zucchini pisan
  • The twin oil
  • The castagnaccio
  • Cauliflower
  • Bean "Piattelli Pisana"
  • Chestnut honey
  • The strawberry tree honey
  • The cow pisan
  • The bread Montegemoli
  • The bread Pomarance
  • Pecorino Migliarino Park - San Rossore
  • The Pinolo Migliarino Park - San Rossore
  • Pisanello tomato
  • Salame toscano
  • Truffles
  • The white truffle
  • The black truffle uncinata
  • The truffle scorzone

During the summer there are numerous and popular village festivals where you can enjoy the specialties of local cuisine.

Cucina pisana