Luminara 2021 in Pisa

On June 16, 2021 the Luminara di San Ranieri will be held on the Lungarni of Pisa if the containment of the pandemic allows it

17 June 2021 / News

On 16 June 2021 the Luminara di San Ranieri on the Lungarni of Pisa is normally held, a suggestive historical event in the context of the Pisan June. This year will be celebrated if the containment conditions of the pandemic allow it.

With the Luminara Pisa celebrates the feast of the patron saint San Ranieri on 17 June.

The lighting is done with wax candles that decorate the buildings throughout the area that runs along the Arno river.

Almost seventy thousand candles are lit every year in glass glasses and hung in wooden frames called "linen" and painted white, shaped in such a way as to enhance the contours of the buildings, churches, bridges, and towers that overlook the Pisan riverside.

The evening will be animated by fireworks that will illuminate the city, banquets and small parties located throughout the historic center will complete the work.