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Hospital Cisanello - Pisa

This is not the site of the Hospital of Pisa, for any detailed information about the services of the hospital of Cisanello and Santa Chiara di Pisa, the phone numbers for reservations, bookings of hospital visits and so on, we refer to the official website.


Emergency room of Pisa

Phone number of the Emergency Room of Pisa: 050-992300


For reservations please call 050 995077 between 14:30 and 16:30. If necessary, you can send a fax to 050 995757 to be contacted.


  • Hospital Cisanello
    TELEPHONE EXCHANGE: Tel. 050-992111 / 050-993111 / 050-995111 / 050996111
    The two plants are located, respectively:
    Plant Hospital of Santa Chiara (in city center) Via Roma, 67 - Pisa.
    It 'located near Square of Miracles, the street adjacent to the main entrances is Via Bonanno Pisano.
    Plant Hospital Cisanello (the eastern outskirts of Pisa) Via Paradisa, 2 - Cisanello - Pisa.
    The road leading to 'main entrance of the hospital is Via San Biagio / Via Paradisa.

CUP - Unique Booking Centres where you can call or visit to request appointments for visits or examinations Hospital Cisanello


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Clinic Lupus Erythematosus


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